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Las fértiles tierras de La Codosera y unos olivos milenarios, fueron la simiente para que nuestros familiares pusieran sus sueños en la finca Valdelaseras. Sintiéndonos parte de este legado,  queremos  mantener y hacer crecer lo que ellos iniciaron con tanto esfuerzo y dedicación.

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Nos gusta pensar que la vida siempre te devuelve con creces lo que le das... Nos ha dado un lugar mágico de alto valor natural donde poder recuperar el sentido del cultivo tradicional y obtener un producto de alto índice nutritivo.

Con esa visión unida a las más modernas técnicas, hemos podido desarrollar un aceite muy especial, que ahora tiene en sus manos. Disfrútelo tanto, como nosotros hemos disfrutado de su cuidado poniendo mucha ilusión y pasión para obtener un aceite de oliva virgen extra de calidad suprema producido en una de las Almazaras más avanzadas tecnológicamente de España.


Among the olive groves in the area stands a state-of-the-art oil mill. The proximity to our crops allows very little time to pass from harvesting to processing and packaging.


We have a large workspace where we can meet the demand for our oils adapted to the most demanding quality control so that the product is always excellent.




Delicacy at all times and always using mechanical processes for oil extraction (Always from the first extraction, a way of guaranteeing the "Extra Virgin" denomination so that the final product is always of the highest category. All this possible thanks to the incorporation of the most modern machinery that exists in the market.


Technology at the service of an ancient process. Our utmost respect for the work of our ancestors has led us to incorporate the most modern machinery in our facilities. This facilitates our work and takes extraordinary care of each fruit that we transform into oil.

The passion for innovation marks our path when it comes to incorporating state-of-the-art machinery so that the olives are optimally treated from the moment they enter the mill until the oil is obtained.


The winery constitutes a fundamental part in the process of making our oil. There we treasure the juice extracted from the olives and keep them in optimal conditions so that they do not lose their nutritional and organoleptic properties.


"You can create, dream, design the most beautiful place in the world, but to make your dreams come true you need, above all, one thing: PEOPLE"

In Valdelaseras we are more than a team, we are a family that works together to give the best of themselves and produce a high quality oil, made with all the care and affection that this healthy and natural lifestyle causes us where our oil press.


In general, the quality of a product is represented by the set of its own characteristics that allow it to be seen as equal, better or worse than the rest of its species.
Referring specifically to virgin olive oil, the pattern that defines quality will be represented by an oily juice obtained from healthy olives and in perfect conditions of maturity, and any manipulation or treatment that alters the chemical nature of its components must be avoided both in the extraction and in the course of its storage.

Aceite Valdelaseras

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